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Compass Engineering has been providing professional Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Planning services to clients' in Oregon and Washington since 1968.  Our wide range of client mix has included municipalities, counties, service districts, private developers, contractors, and individuals.

"Experience makes it possible for us to respond better, faster..."

Our seasoned staff of civil engineers, planners, and survey personnel have the technical depth and experience to complete the many aspects of a major project from preliminary planning and design, through final design, excavating and construction.  Our firm size allows us to devote individual attention to each client, and to approach each project with the required thoroughness to successfully complete the assigned work. 

Providing for our client's needs on a personal level is an important part of our philosophy.  It is our goal to personalize our services and provide the quality of work our clients' have come to expect.

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We, at Compass Engineering, are dedicated to providing high-quality professional civil engineering, surveying, and planning services to meet your diverse needs. Our wide range of experience is the assurance that we can respond faster and better than the competitors.

Civil engineering is a field of engineering that has a massive scope. It encompasses the construction of public structures such as bridges, highways, subways, dams, and even commercial and residential buildings.

The key participants in any civil engineering project are the owner, designer, contractor, and the supplier. The owner, which could either be private or public, is the initiator of the project. The owners communicate the desired outcome of the project and provide financing until the project is done, which is subject to the terms agreed upon.

The designers are normally the civil engineer and the architect. A civil engineer's task is to design the structural aspect of the project and ensuring its safety and reliability. The architect, on the other hand, focuses on the aesthetic aspect of the structure.

The contractor's responsibility is to manage the resources needed for the project. Their task is to ensure that the project is being conducted safely, economically, timely, and in accordance with the requirements of the plan.

Most construction projects are done through contract arrangements. A contract typically includes the unit price, lump sum, construction management, and cost plus.

Compass Engineering staff is more than happy to provide both economic and innovative engineering services. We accomplish our projects while being attentive to our clients' needs and work professionally according to the set schedule and budget.


Planning is a vital element of the construction process. Without successful planning, it would be virtually impossible to have a profitable project.

Planning involves identifying the activities of the project, scheduling of those activities, and presentation of the plan in a logical and efficient manner.

If you wish to have your project done without wasting money and time, make sure that you have a good planner. A good planner is flexible enough to make some changes with the original plan due to unexpected things but is still able to finish the project on time.

Compass Engineering seeks to provide personalized planning services using an interdisciplinary approach. We always conduct thorough investigation before delving into a project.


Surveying is the science of mapping the location of the structure to be built in order to help the engineer in planning the project. Our team of professionals can deliver excellent surveying services using state-of-the-art equipment.

Without surveying, you will not be able to put fences around your house as you won't know the boundaries of your lot in the first place. It would also be impossible to erect very tall buildings and construct highways and railroads without surveying.

The scope of surveying is very broad. The type of surveying that will be used depends upon the location and situation of the site of the project.

Surveying is essential to make a good plan so it’s imperative that you hire an excellent surveying service. Our team of experts have sufficient experience to cater almost all surveying needs.